Konex Awards Regulations

Section 1 - Proposals

The academies, cultural and research centres, universities and other institutions, the Konex awarded and those personalities which Konex Foundation invites, as well as the members of the jurors, may present a reasonable proposal of Konex Awards nominees.

Those nominees presented by the ones who request the Award for themselves or for the institutions they represent, are excluded. This is not a contest but an acknowledgement of their career. The nominees proposed have to be exemplary models as part of their merits.

The purpose of the creation of Konex Awards is to sow for the future, awarding the present as long as it is permanent and decent so that the example of the best ones, serves as factor of emulation for our youths.


Section 2 - Proposals Form

The nominees shall be formalized before Konex Foundation. All the documents which contribute with relevant data and complementary information about the nominees shall be enclosed.


Section 3 - Where and When

The proposals may be sent by certified post, electronic mail ([email protected] ) or be presented at the legal domicile of the Foundation (Av. Córdoba 1233 piso 5, Buenos Aires -C1055AAC-, Argentina).

The deadline for submitting the nominees, except for the ones proposed by the members of the Grand Jury, shall be on March 15th. every year.


Section 4 - Non-compliance

The nominees not complying with the previous requirements shall not be admitted. In any case, the submitted documentation shall not be returned, or the mail shall not be kept.


Section 5 - Awarded Activity / 10 year-term cycles

Every year a different area of national activity is awarded in 10 years term. From 1980 to 1989 it was considered the total track record of all the awarded. From 1990 to 1999 the career of the last ten years was granted. From 2000 to 2009 the cycle is repeated, and so on in an indefinite way.

The activities are the following: Sports, Entertainment, Visual Arts, Science and Technology, Literature, Popular Music, Humanities, Communication - Journalism, Institutions - Community - Enterprise and Classical Music.


Section 6 - Grand Jury / 20 members

Every year a Grand Jury is appointed by Konex Foundation, integrated by 20 specialists in the subject to be awarded that will have its own President and General Secretary. The fact of being jury implies excluding themselves from being nominees to the Konex Awards, gesture that the Foundation emphasizes and thanks very specially.


Section 7 - 20 Disciplines / of the activity

Every year the activity to be awarded is divided by the Grand Jury into 20 related disciplines.


Section 8 - System of voting

The system of voting is established so that it promotes to the end the successive selection of the favourite candidates for the majority of the Jury.

The vote shall be carried out personally by each one of the members of the Jury. The different awards shall be granted to nominees who will obtain most of the ballots. In the case of a tie, the President shall decide the ballot.


Section 9 - Konex Awards - Merit Diplomas / 100 awarded

In each of the 20 disciplines, the Grand Jury selects the 5 personalities / institutions which hold the most distinguished careers by means of voting. The 100 resulting personalities / institutions are granted the Konex Awards - Merit Diplomas in a public event which usually takes place in September of every year.


Section 10 - Platinum Konex / 20 awarded

Later, the Grand Jury selects one personality from each quintet. That is how 20 personalities / institutions arise, who are granted the Platinum Konex Awards in a ceremony usually held in November of every year.


Section 11 - Diamond Konex / 1 awarded

Among the 20 Platinum Konex Awards, the Grand Jury selects the one who is considered the most outstanding personality / institution. He, she or it shall be deemed as the most relevant of the awarded activity, being granted the Diamond Konex at the same ceremony as the 20 Platinum Konex. It could exceptionally be shared when the merits of the suggested personalities / institutions were complemented very clearly.


Section 12 - Honour Konex Award / 1 awarded

The Grand Jury grants the Honour Konex Award to a deceased prominent personality. It is delivered in the same ceremony as the 20 Platinum Konex Awards.


Section 13 - Special Mentions / Out of the disciplines

The Grand Jury has the authority to grant Special Mentions to the ones who having enough merit to be granted for their performance, do not fit specifically in the disciplines which were established for the activity. It is delivered in the same ceremony as the 20 Platinum Konex Awards.


Section 14 - Diplomas and Trophies

The 100 awarded are granted a diploma called Merit Diploma. The 20 Platinum Konex, the Special Mentions, the Honour Konex, the Mercosur Konex and the Diamond Konex are granted a distinctive symbol called Konex Trophy.


Section 15 - Mercosur Konex Award

Since 2002 the Grand Jury has the authority to grant Mercosur Konex Awards for the most relevant living personalities of the countries related to Mercosur.


Section 16 - Konex Decoration

Likewise, Konex Foundation has the authority to grant the Konex Decoration to honor personalities who hold brilliant careers around the world, for their contribution to universal culture.