Awards Received
Some of the prizes awarded to the Konex Foundation and/or its President Dr. Luis Ovsejevich.


2019. Los Premios Konex y Ciudad Cultural Konex fueron declarados “de Interés Cultural” por 
la Legislatura de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

2016. Gratia Artis Award from the National Academy of Fine Arts     2016. Award of the Association of Musical Critics for the 1st Konex Classical Music Festival
    Premio     Premio
2011. Scopus Award from Argentine Friends Foundation of the Hebrew University
of Jerusalem
    1997: "Tribute of the winners and juries Konex"      Patron of the 1997 National Culture granted by the Ministry of Culture of Argentina
Premio     Premio     Premio
Rómulo Raggio Foundation 1993     Music Critics Association 1991     Mecenas Award 1987


2016. Gratia Artis Award from the National Academy of Fine Arts
2016. Calvez Prize for Citizen Responsibility of the Ecumenical Social Forum
2016. Prize to the event of greater positive transcendence ACMA by the First Konex Festival of Classical Music
2016. Nomination ACE Award (The Magic Flute)
2014. Atina Award (A Walk around the World)
2013. ACE Award Nomination (Pinocchio and Coppelia)
2012. ADIMRA Award (Association of Museums of the Argentine Republic)
2011. Scopus of the Argentine Friends Foundation of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2011. Nomination ACE Award (Nutcracker)
2011. Distinction of the Austrian Embassy in Argentina
2010. Mate of the Argentinean Recognition
2010. Distinction to the Merit of Music and Life of Israel
2008. Security
2008. Mention in María Guerrero Awards
2008. Thousand Millennium Foundation for Peace, and Peace, Ecology and Art
2008. Distinction of the Lions
2007. Honorary Member of the Miguel Lillo Foundation
2005. Argentine Council of Music CIM UNESCO
2004. Sol de Plata, awarded by the Rotary Club of Buenos Aires
2004. Mecenas
2004. Claw and Heart, Mar del Plata
2004. Argentine Academy of Arts and Communication Sciences
2003. Theatre of the World by Blind Theatre
2003. Golden Light Award (Lets go to Tango)
2003. Cultural Interest granted by the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires
2003. Faro de Oro Vip, Mar del Plata
2003. Estrella de Mar for Production in Mar del Plata
2003. Solidarity Entrepreneur by Community Leadership Program
2003. Company Manager in Business and Community, granted by the Association of Business Leaders
2003. 4 Estrella de Mar Awards (Lets go to Tango)
2002. Meritocratic Nobility Title
2002. Nominated for the Social Sector Entrepreneur Award
2000. La Scala de San Telmo: To the Konex Foundation as a Benefactor
1999. Recognition of FUCA for management at the Teatro Colón
1997. Tribute of the Konex Awards and Juries, organized by UCES
1997. Benefactor of the National Culture 1997 granted by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation
1995. Art to the International Day: Honor Cover
1994. Radio Jai
1994. Athena
1993. Rómulo Raggio Medal
1992. Leonidas Barletta
1991. Musical Critics Association of Argentina
1990. Recognition Benito Lynch of the Argentine Society of Writers
1988. Miguel Lillo Foundation. Benefactor Member
1988. Free Foundation
1988. Human Genetic Foundation
1987. Maecenas
1987. Fema
1986. Apple of Lights