Foundation by - Laws


...Section 2:
    The purposes of the Foundation shall be: to promote; stimulate; support, and/or participate in any manner possible in cultural, educational,
intellectual, artistic, social, philanthropic, scientific or sports initiatives, works and enterprises, in their most relevant aspects.


Section 3:
    To achieve its goals, the Foundation may institute scholarships, awards and honorable mentions to anyone standing out for his or her achievements in any of the fields herein before mentioned; organizing, promoting and supporting the organization of events to give such prizes and honorable mentions as previously described. The Foundation may also grant scholarships, prizes and honorary mentions in order to stimulate creativity within the realms of culture, education, science and sports; publish and distribute publications related to its objective as well as organize relevant radio and TV programs, all such purposes beingmere examples of what can be carried out, but not setting any limitation whatsoever to the purposes of the Foundation...”


General Superintendent of Justice Nº 8214
General Superintendent of Justice Resolution Nº 599
Charitable Institution Nº 2826
Profit Tax Exempted
CUIT: 30-63544815-2