Message from the President

Message by the President

Dr. Luis Ovsejevich


Message by the President

Sowing for the future

The birth of an idea

I have always thought that we must act according to our social responsibilities in our community, doing our best so that the members of that society may develop most of their potential and eventually achieve all they deserve.

This is how I got the idea of creating a foundation to promote, stimulate, help, and participate in any form of cultural, educational, intellectual, artistic, social, philanthropic, scientific or sports initiative, work, and enterprise, in their most relevant aspects.

In fact, when the idea of the foundation crystallized in 1980, I had been involved in the disinterested promotion of charitable institutions since 1977, offering not only scholarships and individual grants, but also sponsoring and stimulating group activities through subsidies and assistance to meritorious ideas and enterprises.

The Konex Awards

In 1980 I decided to institute the Konex Awards with the intention of granting them on a yearly basis to distinguished personalities in every national field. The purpose was to sow in the present and reap in the future; rewarding the present in its permanent and worthy aspects, so that the example of the best be a stimulus to our youth.

Let’s go to Classical Music

In 1991 "Let’s go to classical music" was created. The purpose was to introduce operas, ballet and concerts adapted to children, in order to promote these artistic expressions amongst the younger ones. As a result in 1991, the series "Let’s go to the Opera" started. In 1995, the series "Let’ go to the Ballet" was added and in 1998, "Let’s go to the Concert" was included. Since 1994, due the presentation of these events in the Colón Theatre, they have also been called "Let’s go to the Colón".

Present and Future

Today Konex Foundation is a concrete reality and its objectives a task that should not be neglected. To know that the need to continue is not only mine any longer pleases me greatly for it makes me feel part of a project that goes beyond the individual, projecting itself towards the community.
I now wish to express my deepest thanks and offer my permanent support to all the people who made significant contributions to the accomplishment of this project.


Dr. Luis Ovsejevich

President of the Konex Foundation