Ljerko Spiller

1989 Classical Music
  Diamond Konex Award
1989 Classical Music
  Platinum Konex
1989 Classical Music
  Merit Diploma
1999 Música Clásica

Ljerko Spiller
Diamond Konex Award 1989: Classical Music
President of the Konex Awards Grand Jury 1999: Classical Music

He was born on 21/07/1908 in Crikvenica (Croatia). Diamond Konex Award 1989. Master of masters. Conductor, founder and instructor of orchestras and chamber ensembles. He taught a large number of renowned musicians and many outstanding pianists, guitar players, wind and string performers in his courses on chamber music have received his highly praised advice.

A Croatian by birth, and naturalized Argentine, Spiller studied with outstanding masters like Huml Thibaud, Enesco and Alexanian. He got the following degrees: “Diploma de Artista”, Zagreb Academy of Music (1927), “Diplome D’Execution” , Ecole Normale de Musique de París (1928), and “Licence de Concert” Ecole Normale de Musique de París (1930). He taught the violin at the Ecole Normale de Musique de París (1930-1935), and performed as a concertino at the Chamber Ensemble conducted by Alfred Cortot (1928-1935). He was also a member of the Jury at the international violin competitions in Geneva in 1980 and Zagreb in 1977, 81, 85, 89 and 93, and also got an award at the “Wieniawski” violin international competition in Warsaw (1935), the year he arrived in Buenos Aires. He founded the Chamber Orchestra Ljerko Spiller; later on part of the Music Friends Association, which he conducted, and the Villa Gessel Musical Camping, the Orchestra of the Young Performers from the Collegium Musicum, the Ladies Orchestra of Radio El Mundo. Extraordinary Emeritus Professor at the National University of La Plata, Spiller often co-operates with courses at the Bariloche Musical Camping. He was Head Conductor of the Orchestra of Young Performers of Radio Nacional and a mentor of his string quartet, and continued his education activity in favour of young people until 1990.

He has played countless works by Argentine and foreign composers, and many distinguished composers dedicated important works to him. He received many awards. Among his many works, the following stand out: “El pequeño violinista” (1943) 6 editions, “Iniciación al violín en grupos” (1980), “Críticas y artículos en “Le Monde Musical” and “Le Courrier de Musique” in Paris (1932-35). After receiving the Konex Award he taught courses in different cities in Europe and was a member of the jury in international competitions, particularly the violin competition at the Salzburg Mozarteum (1991). Spiller received the award offered by the Asociación de Críticos Musicales-Pedagogo (1992). He was the President of the Konex Awards Grand Jury in 1999.

He died on 09/11/2008.


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Ljerko Spiller